The hopes and worries of retirement

We all want a happy retirement — one where we have the resources to carry on doing the things we love (and maybe trying something new!). That’s the hope of retirement.

But research shows that many people also worry about retirement. They worry whether they will have enough money to last, about possible care costs, and whether they will have the resources to meet the unexpected.

Our view is that a little expert planning now can help you reach your aspirations for retirement, and reduce many troubling uncertainties.

Fidenti Financial Planning will help you plan for retirement, offering straightforward advice about what you can realistically achieve. And because we never, ever recommend options that aren’t in your interests, we’ll help you choose a plan that’s right for you.

Navigating the pensions maze

Resent shake-ups in the pensions system have left us with many more options than we had a few years ago. The downside of this is that pensions have undoubtedly become more confusing — so if you’re feeling in the dark about pensions, you’re not alone.

We see one of our main roles as demystifying pensions for our customers. We use plain jargon-free language to explain the options, rules and regulations that apply to your situation. Our aim is guide you through the pensions maze, so you can make well-informed choices.

What we can help with

We have many years of experience dealing with a variety of pension products, including:

  • Stakeholder pension
  • Personal Pension Plan (PPPs)
  • Group Personal Pension Plan
  • Executive Pension Plan
  • Employers Schemes (Occupational Pensions)
  • Self Invested Personal Pension Plan (SIPPs)
  • Retirement planning (see below)

Not planning yet? Time to get started.

When it comes to pensions, most people are great at putting it off until tomorrow. We really hope you won’t — because the sooner you start planning, the better your chance of a comfortable retirement.

So be kind to the future version of you: get in touch today.